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Partnership for development!

On September 29, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held regular session of the Cabinet of Ministers. First, the floor for report was given to Vice Premier S. Toyliyev who informed about admission of foreign citizens to high education institutions of our country.

According to the agreement on cooperation in educational sphere between the Government of Turkmenistan and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, it was proposed to admit the group of Afghan citizens to study foreign languages at S. Seydi Turkmen State Pedagogic Institute on free basis. 

Besides, it is planned to accept a group of the citizens of the People’s Republic of China on language courses in D. Azadi Turkmen National Instituted of World Languages. 

The Head of the State made an order to accept foreign citizens to Turkmen universities, having instructed to hold under control the conditions for their successful study. 

Speaking to the participants, the Head of the state informed on the abolishment of the Executive Committee for preparation of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games due to successful completion of the Games. 

In this regards, the Head of the State gave one month period for settling of all financial and other issues related to the activity of the Executive Committee as well as for further employment of its personnel. 

The Olympic village is a good base for sports and training of sportsmen, Turkmen Leader said and ordered the Vice Premier to consider and elaborate relative programme to fundamentally re-organize the Olympic village, having made training base for National Institute of Sports and Tourism. 

All services rendered at the Olympic village have to charged and any citizen of the capital would be able to procure subscription for visiting of the complex and doing any chosen sport, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has said. 

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Foreign Minister R. Meredov informed on the official visit of President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Turkmenistan on October 2. 

It was mentioned that, while steadily implementing foreign policy course based on the principles of positive neutrality, our country aims at wide constructive dialog with all states of the world. the Russian Federation, diplomatic relations with which were established in April 19992, is one of the most important long-term partners of Turkmenistan. Turkmen – Russian cooperation has traditionally friendly and fruitful character and is consolidated by considerable legal and regulatory base including 191 bilateral documents at present. 

The main role in the development of interstate relations is given to high-level meetings. Systematic communications are supported on Government and foreign ministries levels of both countries. Trade and economic sphere, where important role is given to the activity of the Intergovernmental Turkmen – Russian Commission, is one of the priority directions of interstate cooperation. As for the moment, there were ten sessions of this Commission. 

Bilateral cooperation in humanitarian sphere including in scientific, educational and cultural spheres has an active character. This is indicated by regular cultural events. In particular, the Days of Turkmenistan Culture were organized in Vladimir and Moscow in August 2016. 

It is planned to sign number of bilateral documents aimed at further development of long beneficial cooperation in the key directions by the outcomes of coming high-level Turkmen- Russian negotiations. In this relation, the programme of the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation to Turkmenistan was presented to the attention of Head of the State. 

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that our country and Russia are united by long friendly relations. In modern age, interstate dialog, which is built on the principles of strategic partnership, is actively developing both in bilateral and multilateral formats under large international organizations. 

Both Russian Federation and Turkmenistan support constructive initiatives and suggestions of each other, which are proposed under the UN and other competent structures. Our countries demonstrate the proximity or similarity of the opinions on such key global issues as provision of universal peace and security, counteraction of modern threats and challenges. 

Having noted that Turkmenistan and Russia productively cooperate in large spectrum of directions, the Leader of the Nation highlighted the presence of considerable potential for improvement of efficient cooperation in trade and economic sphere as well as in number of other promising fields. Bilateral contacts in humanitarian sphere like in education, science and culture are also successfully developed.

The Head of the State also stated with delight dynamic character of established partnership with the largest constituent regions of Russian Federation what is supported by regular different events including joint business forums and cultural events. 

Speaking of this, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the importance of coming high-level negotiations, which are to be an actual measure for further consolidation and expansion of traditional interstate relations meeting the interests of prosperity of the nations of both countries and to give new specific content to traditional relations. In this context, the President gave number of relative instructions to the Vice Premier, the Leader of the MFA for preparation of the official visit of the President of Russian Federation to Turkmenistan on high organizational level. 

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers O. Gurbannazarov reported on the situation in the spheres under his supervision as well as on preparation to the exhibition of economic achievements of Turkmenistan timed to the 26th anniversary of the Independence on October 12 – 13. 

It is expected that ministries, branch departments, enterprises, organizations, local administrations, members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will be the participants of annual review. The exposition will introduce the achievements of the country for the years of the independence in different branches of national economy including in industry and agriculture, construction and energy, transport and communication sector, trade and services, financial and banking complex as well as the results of social and economic reforms implemented in Ashgabat and the regions to the guests. The achievements in health protection, sports and tourism, cultural, scientific and educational spheres will be presented. Certain exhibition halls will be dedicated to the development of non-governmental sector. 

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the main objective of the exhibition is to demonstrate versatile potential of Turkmenistan, which is implemented in the country by large social and economic programmes and international projects, to the world community and our foreign partners. At the same time, it is necessary to use this review for exchange of opinions and experience and establishment of long-term business contacts. Having stressed the attention on the importance of organization of the forum on high-level, the Head of the State addressed the Vice Premier with number of instructions. 

In his turn, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Babayev reported on the outcomes of working visit of Turkmenistan delegation to the Republic of Tatarstan of Russian Federation undertaken by the order of the Head of the State on September 22 – 24. 

During the visit, members of the delegation familiarized themselves with the activity and educational base of the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies of Kazan Federal University. 

During the meetings, special attention was paid to such subjects as implementation of advanced technologies and modern scientific developments in geological exploration and drilling, automation, adoption of telemechanics and centralization of production processes in oil and gas sphere. 

The Vice Premier also reported on the work for improvement of the structure of the Board of the State Commission for Mineral Resources under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. 

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that beneficial business relations that successfully developed with different regions of Russian Federation are good example of efficient partnership resting on considerable experience of cooperation. Recently, special attention is paid to implementation of considerable versatile potential of the cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Republic of Tatarstan including in oil and gas sphere what meet mutual interests, the President has said. 

Having highlighted the importance of thorough integrated approach to solution of all objectives in this sphere, Turkmen leader addressed the Vice Premier with number of relative assignments. The Head of the State also requested to continue working on improvement of the structure of the Board of the State Commission for Mineral Resources under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. 

Next, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Aydogdiyev made report on the situation in the branches under his supervision. Information on fulfilment of the assignments given earlier by the Head of the State for construction of living houses for disabled persons and other categories of the citizens requiring special social protection was given. 

According to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Industry has developed the project of four 4-store buildings with total area of 6 123,6 sq.m. each designed for 48 apartments in the city of Tejen, Ahal velayat, Dashoguz, Dashoguz velayat, Turkmenabat, Lebap Velayat and Mary, Mary Velayat. 

For provision of construction sites with necessary materials and the increase of volumes of production of various materials, rapid modernization of production infrastructure of the branch on innovative base is continued. 

Focusing the attention on the necessity of adherence to the timeline of construction of modern comfortable living for people with limited capabilities and citizens requiring social support in accordance with international standards, the President assured that this work would be continued in the future. 

After, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the document on appointment of R. N. Meredov to the position of the Deputy Minister of Industry of Turkmenistan. 

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiyev reported on the course of seasonal agricultural works. These days, necessary agro technical activities for receiving even sprouts of winter crops and vegetation irrigation are carried out on wheat fields. Relative measures were undertaken for provision of non-stop work of agricultural equipment and supply of quality seeding material to the farmers. At the same time, cotton harvest campaign is ongoing in the velayats. 

Having noted the importance of completion of agricultural campaigns within set period, the Head of the State has ordered to pay unremitting attention to organizational issues related with the rates of carried works. The President of Turkmenistan addressed the Vice Premier with number of instructions for provision of timely and full settlement of payments to the farmers for delivered products. 

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers D. Amangeldiyev who spoke after reported on planned activities implemented by the establishments of municipal services for preparation to winter season 2017 – 2018. It was informed that integrated measures including overhaul maintenance works of heating complexes and preparation of specialized equipment have been carried out for provision of uninterrupted operation of heating supply to living houses, social facilities and enterprises during winter season. Dispatch services were provided with necessary equipment, instruments and transport. 

Summing up the report, the Head of Turkmenistan noted that improvement of the efficiency of the activity of municipal services and steadfast modernization of new equipment of centralized heating systems are one of the main tasks for today. 

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Annameredov reported on preparation of the Draft Resolution on Procurement of automobiles KAMAZ-6520. It was informed that the Ministry of Automobile Transport plans to purchase 250 vehicles of the kind with 20 tons cargo capacity. 

Having listened to the report, the President of Turkmenistan noted that the development of multifunctional transport and communication infrastructure is the key condition of implementation of economic, investment, transit and resource potential of the country. 

Having pointed the attention on international cooperation, the Head of the State stated with delight steadfast fruitful character of partnership with the Republic of Tatarstan, which is successfully developed under interstate dialog with the Russian Federation. Turkmen – Tatar relations are visual example of efficient cooperation based on considerable experience of cooperation and its versatile potential, the President said. 

Having noted that our country has established firm long-term beneficial relations with largest companies of Tatarstan, the Head of Turkmenistan stated that automobiles of this brand are widely used in different branches of national economy. Having confirmed the intent to consolidate this partnership in the future, Turkmen leader signed relative Resolution and requested the Vice Premier to take all measures for provision of organized and coordinated work for operation and maintenance of this equipment. 

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers A. Garajayev reported on preparation to the final round of TV contest “Yanlan, Diyarym!” as well as on the programme of the Days of Culture of Russian Federation in Turkmenistan. In particular, the Vice Premier informed that cultural action, which is to consolidate friendship relations between the people of two countries, is planned to be held in the Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre. The programme of the forum includes the exhibition, concert of the State Academic Ensemble of national dance, demonstration of Russian movies as well as master classes. 

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the Vice Premier with number of instructions for provision of high organizational level of coming events. Having stressed the attention on the Days of Culture of Russian Federation in our country, the head of the State highlighted the importance of international action in the context of Turkmen – Russian interstate dialog. 

Chairperson of the Mejlis A. Nurdberdiyeva informed on the activity of the Parliament for improvement of national legislation base in the context of important priorities of the state policy and international initiatives of the Head of the State. It was also informed about the work on the bills that are to stimulate further development of the branches of the economy and other spheres, measures for consolidation of inter-parliamentarian relations. 

The information about the work carried out by the Mejlis together with relative departments on preparation of the next session of the Council of the Elders and elaboration of the documents of the agenda of all-nation forum was also presented. 

Having highlighted that formation of modern legal base corresponding with universal standards of international law is aimed at legal provision of progressive reforms and social and economic transformations in the country, the President of Turkmenistan stressed the attention of the Head of the Mejlis on activation of Parliament activity for control of implementation of adopted laws.

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