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During the nine months of 2017, construction projects were completed in Turkmenistan at a cost of more than $ 4.5 billion. Vice-Premier D. Amangeldiev (who is in charge of construction, energy and municipal services) released the information at the enlarged Cabinet session.

According to the vice-premier, in the period under report, 927 various buildings and facilities were built at the cost of 4 billion 584 million 300 thousand US dollars. The target plan was 103 percent executed with the growth rate standing at 100.3 percent. During that period of time, 1.5 million square meters of dwelling were put into operation. Among the completed projects are hotels and recreational centers, buildings of Ashgabat’s universities, medical centers, general education schools, kindergartens, and others.

338 large projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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State News Agency of Turkmenistan